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Press Releases for 2014-2015 Findings Now Available!

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Recruiting Trends

Recruiting Trends Webinars — REGISTER TODAY

Oct. 24th 11:00 am EDT  EARLY BIRD RATE $80.00

Nov. 12th noon EST  $125.00

Nov. 20th 4:00 pm EST $125.00

Dec.  16th noon EST LAST CALL — $125

Register at:  https://msu-csm.symplicity.com/events/TRENDS2014

Spring Research Webinar Series

January 13 – The Role of Social Capital in Internships: Impact on Mastery, Success – noon EST

February 10 – The Importance of Cultural Capital in Early Career: Employer Perspective –noon EST

March 10 – Training and Development in First Position – noon EDT

April 14 – The Search for Experienced Hires – noon EDT

May 12 – Understanding the T and Why it is important – noon EDT

Bonus webinar – TBA

Registration will open soon.  Cost $99 for each webinar.


Framing Internships from an Employers’ Perspective: Length, Number, and Relevancy

What’s in a name? A reference guide to work-education experiences

Arts & Science Degree Employers

Diversity Recruiting

Recruiting Trends Note 4: Global Hiring & U.S.-Educated Foreign Nationals

International Students and Internships

Career Fairs

2012 -2013 Educational Programs

CERI is pleased to announce our first academic year webinar series.  Each month we will present a seminar on a timely topic focused on college recruiting, labor market trends, young adults, and other issues that we are currently conducting research.  The series begins in October.  We have a limit on the number of sites that can be hosted.  Check out our program list, schedule and fee packages… more

Distinguished Lecture American Society for Engineering Education

The power point presentation for Larry Hanneman’s and Phil Gardner’s lecture on the widening skills gap and its implication for engineering is available for your use.

ASEE Distinguished Lecture: Under the Economic Turmoil a Skills Gap Simmers