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We provide all our research reports, research briefs and white papers free for download to the public, colleagues and students. Below you will find our reports arranged according to topic. The archives reference papers that are only available in journals or in files at the Institute.

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Most Requested Publications


Hopeful News in Recruiting Trends Study Demands a Degree of Caution

October Issue of eSource Magazine

Internships, Cooperative Education and WIL

The Debate Over Unpaid College Internships

An Analysis of U.S. Learn-and-Earn Programs

High Stakes Internships

Reaction on Campus to the Unpaid Internship Controversy **

A Comparison of Credit and Non-Credit Internships in their Expectations and the Utilization of Campus Resources **

Co-curricular Engagement

Unpacking Your Study Abroad Experience: Critical Reflection for Workplace Competencies

Recruiting Issues and Special Reports from Recruiting Trends

Moving Up or Moving Out of the Company? Factors that Influence the Promoting or Firing of New College Hires

Parent Involvement in College Recruiting Process: To What Extent?

Recruiting Trends Note 4: Global Hiring & U.S.-Educated Foreign Nationals

Recruiting Trends 2010-2011 Special Report 7-11: Professional and Scientific Service Sector College Hiring

Partnerships 2012 **

Skills, Competencies & Work Behaviors: Workforce Expectations

Recruiting Trends Note 3: 10 Skills and Competencies for Science Majors

CERI Research Brief 2012-4: Liberally Educated Versus In-Depth Training

Starting Salary 


Young Adults: Transition and Early Career