Recruiting Trends Presentations

Dr. Phil Gardner will be traveling across the country this fall providing an in-depth presentation of recruiting conditions for 2016-17 based on detailed information from employers. Dr. Gardner will cover projected hiring targets by degree level, highlight interest by academic discipline, review internship recruiting intentions, and much more. Contact information for these events are provided below, when available.

(Please note that some events are “by invitation only” and all events are subject to change without notice.)

October 18 – Troy, Michigan
October 21 – Chicago, Illinois
October 27 – University of Utah
November 1 – San Antonio, Texas
November 4 – Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona CA (invitation only)
November 7 – Georgia Tech, Atlanta
November 11 – University of North Carolina
November 14 – Grand Rapids, Michigan
November 16 – Michigan State University
November 16 – Online Presentation 
November 18 – Wichita State University
November 29 – University of Maryland
December 1 – CUNY
December 2 – Seton Hall University
December 9 – Minneapolis
December 13 or 14 – Northeastern University