Recruiting Trends 2019-20 Presentations

Dr. Phil Gardner travels across the country to provide an in-depth presentation of collegiate recruiting conditions for 2019-20 based on detailed information from employers. Dr. Gardner will cover projected hiring targets by degree level, highlight interest by academic discipline, review internship recruiting intentions, and much more. Watch for presentation date and location updates. Contact information for these events will be provided below, when available.

Fall 2019: Recruiting Trends Presentation Schedule
(Please note that some events are “by invitation only” and all events are subject to change without notice.)

Oct 17 Regional Labor & Recruitment Trends 2019 at Utah Association of Colleges & Employers, Salt Lake City UT

Oct 24 Recruiting Trends 2019 at DePaul University, Chicago IL

Nov 6 Recruiting Trends 2019 at Metroplex Area Consortium of Career Centers, Dallas TX

Nov 13 Recruiting Trends 2019 at Calvin University, Grand Rapids MI

Dec 4 Recruiting Trends 2019 at Michigan State University

Dec 4 Recruiting Trends 2019 presentation via Livestream online
(live streaming runs from 9:00 – 10:30am EDT and then on demand)