Recruiting Trends Report Briefs 2015-16 PDFs

Recruiting Trends Brief 1: Hiring Outlook for the Class of 2015-16, including Hiring Plans by Organization Size (posted October 8, 2015)
The college labor market has been rebounding since the depths of the recession between 2009 and 2010. In fact, the slogan “recruit like it’s 1999” accurately describes the explosive growth in the college labor market for the past two years.Since 2015-16 is shaping up to be as competitive as last year, we need to be aware of possible drags on the college hiring.
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Recruiting Trends Brief 2: Hiring Outlook by Industry Sector and Geographic Region (posted October 8, 2015)
Survey results show that the leading industrial sectors that typically drive college recruiting report expanded employment opportunities, except for Manufacturing, with certain subsectors showing particularly strong growth. Regions show very similar hiring patterns for this year across all degrees, with increases ranging from 8- 18 percent at the bachelor’s level.
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Recruiting Trends Brief 3: Starting Salaries (updated October 20, 2015)
Wage pressure has been minimal since the market crash. This year competition for qualified job candidates will be fiercer than last year. Yet, most employers seem to be holding on wages and bonuses.
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Recruiting Trends Brief 4: Hiring by Academic Degree (posted October 26, 2015)
We streamlined the employer survey process this year by categorizing majors to help focus responses and examine the number of hires in each of four broad categories. We then expanded the number of categories to examine how organizations distributed their hiring targets across various majors. When we looked at the respondents’ hiring intentions, the outlook was very positive.
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Recruiting Trends Brief 5: Recruiter’s Toolbox (posted October 12, 2015)
Talent seekers have a wide array of tools to identify and select job candidates. While most recruiters employ a number of tools, they rely heavily on just a few. This year we asked respondents how important each tool was for talent acquisition.
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Recruiting Trends Brief 6: Internships & Co-ops (posted October 23, 2015)
Internships and co-ops can be win-win situations for students and employers. Students gain valuable experience before they enter the labor market full time. Employers add to their pool of possible hires, develop staff, and recruit for full-time, permanent positions.
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Recruiting Trends Brief 7: Benchmarking Recruiting Success (posted October 26, 2015)
Organizations use a variety of measures to assess their recruiting programs; some are common among organizations of almost every size and some are tailored to the needs of specific organizations. This year, we revised the survey design to include seven assessment measures: conversion rate; hires as a result of the conversion rate; full-time offer acceptance rate; new hires from former intern and co-op pool; intern and co-op acceptance rate; starting salary rate; and reneging rate.
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Recruiting Trends Brief 8: Feedback from Respondents on Entrepreneurial Mindset, Creativity & Innovation, Cultural Capital & More! (posted November 20, 2015)
Each year the CERI advisory team selects a handful of issues for inclusion in the survey. This year covered: entrepreneurial mindset; creativity and innovation; cultural capital development; the T-shaped candidate; and the future and challenges of college recruiting.
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